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Getting Started

It's never too early to begin.

If you’re interested in a degree program or certificate program, your first step is to apply for admission to NC State University or East Carolina University. You'll find that admission requirements vary depending upon the program, so you need to check your program for the specific requirements.

Please be aware that the admissions process takes time. In addition to application forms, most graduate programs require a standardized admissions test (GRE, MAT, GMAT), plus official transcripts and letters of recommendation. In some cases, there are additional information requirements. So you should start early and keep track of the deadlines along the way. 

Some graduate programs will allow you to take up to 9 credits as a non-degree student – which means you haven't been admitted to any particular degree program. Many graduate students enroll in classes as a non-degree student while completing their application to a degree program. You should check with your intended program of study to see if that's an option for you.



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