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Computer Requirements

Computer Requirements for NCSU Classes

Purchasing a New Computer
For students purchasing a new computer, we recommend that your computer meet or exceed these university specifications. Depending on your computing needs, a computer you purchase today may not meet your needs for your entire tenure at NC State. A computer with greater capability (processor speed, RAM, disk capacity) and expandability will be more likely to continue to run the software you require.

Already Own a Computer
A computer from home will be perfectly adequate if it can run current software and use the campus network. Using an older computer often allows a student to delay the purchase of a new one and better determine personal needs. However, depending on the situation, an older computer may not be usable for more than a year. Your current computer should meet or (preferably) exceed these minimum university requirements.

For Colleges & Programs
Many colleges have specific requirements and recommendations. Be sure to check these out!

Computer Competencies
Competencies will vary by college and program. Please speak with your academic advisor and/or program director to understand the skills required to take advantage of all aspects of your course and associated resources.

Rules & Regulations
Rules and regulations are necessary to ensure that NC State University computer users follow legal norms and do not engage in activities that compromise the infrastructure, injure any person or persons, or break the law. As a person affiliated with NC State University you are required to follow all regulations and policies and will be held accountable for violations. Computing Services may terminate your Unity account, should you misuse it. A list of university regulations and policies can be found at the Information Technology Division of Computer Services web site.

Unity Accounts

  • A Unity account provides access to NC State’s computer network and Internet resources, and can be used on campus or in your home.
  • Unity accounts are provided at no additional cost for students registered through the Credit Programs & Summer Sessions Office.
  • For more information on Unity accounts call Computing Services at 919.515.HELP (4357), email or visit Information Technology’s web page on Unity Accounts.

Computer Troubleshooting
Should a learning management system go down (WebCT, Wolfware) please contact the NCSU help desk using the information below. You way also check for messages for information about technology systems at NC State, including upcoming system outages, emergencies and other service changes on the SysNews website.

Technical Support

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