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Academic Partners

An uncommon partnership.

Educational institutions in close proximity often operate in an atmosphere of intense competition.

But those involved in the Gateway Technology Center instead approached the project in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration. To explain how all of it works, let’s backtrack a bit.

As you know, both NC State University and East Carolina University are large, highly rated state schools that have provided traditional, on-campus college educations for many, many years. Both offer undergraduate and graduate-level degrees in numerous and varied disciplines, ranging from agriculture and health to engineering and communications.

A number of years ago, both universities recognized the potential of online learning and set about to develop distance education programs that enabled people located virtually anywhere to participate in higher education courses and gain a degree. More and more degree and certificate programs are being developed all the time and offered via distance education, and more and more people are taking advantage of them.

The Gateway Technology Center represents the latest effort to make college courses and degrees more accessible to people in the Rocky Mount area. Located on the campus of NC Wesleyan College, the facility is open and available to anyone who’s enrolled in a distance education program at either ECU or NC State. It offers a variety of courses, certificate programs, degree completion programs, associates degrees, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and more.

In addition, students can fulfill course requirements for the first two years of their bachelor’s degree through one of the four area community colleges:

Edgecombe Community College
Halifax Community College
Nash Community College
Wilson Technical Community College

The same degree, the same requirements.

The degree or certificate earned via the Gateway Technology Center is exactly the degree earned by on-campus students at East Carolina University or NC State University. The faculty teaching the online courses is the same as the faculty teaching on-campus courses. And the admissions requirements, and course quality and degree of difficulty, are precisely the same for distance education as they are on campus.

The only difference is that now, thanks to the Gateway Technology Center, students can get the benefits of being on campus in Greenville or Raleigh, without leaving Rocky Mount.

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